Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have been really slacking in the blog department lately--I'm blaming it on these crazy hormones that make me so tired I can barely make it through the day! BUT...I have been inspired to do better and not allow the hormones to beat me! I have much on my "to do" list that I want to share with you! What has inspired this new found motivation?

I have been inspired by my BFF's new blog! She has always inspired me and she is super creative and talented! Check out her blog I am sure you will be inspired too! Check back here tomorrow to learn how to make art out of an old window pane!

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  1. Stop are the queen of creative!! I'm excited to see how you make the window pane frame, I want to make one ;)
    YOU are my inspiration! I'm so glad we have each other, we sure do keep each other motivated don't we?? I love you and thanks for "the plug". You need to teach me how to put a link to your blog on my next post.


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