Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Have Plans...

I had big plans for this fabric when my mom gave it to me TWO years ago for Christmas. I was going to whip up Amy Butler's Lotus Brick Path first quilt...ever! No, I couldn't start with a small baby's quilt...that would be too easy! Instead, I cut umpteenbillion little rectangles and put them in a pretty basket to sit for TWO years.

This weekend I am going to begin the process of turning these rectangles of fabric into a beautiful--even if it's not perfect--quilt. I want to lay it across the bottom of the bed in my room/guest room. Hopefully the final product will resemble these:

(My lack of techy skills accompanied by quilt envy prevented me from making the two pictures above bigger.)

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  1. I'm glad you're gonna dust off those cute pieces of fabric and get started! I have a quilt to work on too, so let me know if you want company :)


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