Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 10 Ways...

With all of the birthday parties, weddings and baby showers that fill up our lives it is not always possible or appropriate to make someone a handmade gift. Here are my Top 10 Ways to Make a Store Bought Gift Feel More Personal:

10. Set a budget and stick to it. As tempting as it may be to overspend, remember that it is the thought that counts. You will feel much better about the gift if you know that you spent responsibly.

9. Buy off of the registry/list if there is one. Even though the options may not be something that you would choose or think of as important there is a reason that it is on the registry/list.

8. Stick with a theme. If you are buying more than one item sticking to a theme makes gift giving much easier. My theme in the give above is "toy".

7. Think outside of the box/bag. I love to use baskets, buckets, cans, etc. to "wrap" my gifts. When I do actually wrap the present, I like to think outside the "box" by embellishing the gift with wooden letters, clothes pins, pom-poms, etc. The dollar bin at Target is a great place to find items that will make your gift feel special.

6. Don't wait until the last minute...when you do, it shows.

5. Stick to a color scheme. Use your gift, a party invitation or season to establish a color scheme and stick to it. This will make your final product feel polished.

4. Use what you have. If you are like me you have a whole collection of scrapbook supplies...make use of what you have, spend the $$ on the gift.

3. Make your own card/tag. Put those scrapbook supplies to work again by making your own card or tag. I prefer tags because they are quick and simple.

2. Attach a gift receipt. Make returns painless for your friend by including a gift receipt.

1. Use twine, lots of twine. Twine, my friend, is your friend. Cheap, versatile and rustic...what could be better?


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