Saturday, July 18, 2009


Fall 2008
Max in his Batman get-up. Yes, those are my boots, Marcos' socks and a pilgrim hat!

During Max's 4 short years he has gone through many phases. First, there was the cowboy phase (which I must admit was more my phase than his). Since then, he has rotated between cars, trains, blocks/egos and Spiderman. His most recent "thing" is Batman. This phase began about a year ago when I bought a pair of Batman PJ's on clearance at TJ Maxx. If you know me, you would understand that this was a very hard thing for me to do since I have a strong dislike for all things "commercial". I bought them because I knew that he would love them. Little did I know that that one pair of pajamas would turn into Batman toys, Batman DVD's, a Batman watch, a Batman belt, a Batman birthday party and, yes, Batman sheets! Although I still much prefer his vintage cowboy sheets over the Batman sheets, I am so glad that I let go and let him experience the joy that is Batman!

Christmas 2008
Santa brought Max a Batman belt. He loved it so much that he had to immediately change into his pj's and sport his new belt.

April 2009
Nannie gave him his Batman sheets for his birthday. He was so excited that he had to put them on his bed that night even though they hadn't been washed and were stiff and crunchy!

The jump castle was a big hit with children and adults alike! We enjoyed 8 hours of jumping fun. I understand that it is not normal for a 4 year old's birthday party to last 8 hours, but all of his have lasted at least that long. We have great friends and the time passes so quickly. (The picture above shows Max sneaking into the jump castle before the installation was complete--he just couldn't resist!)

Every year Nannie has made and decorated Max's birthday cake. After searching for a Batman pan (that is, by the way, discontinued) and refusing to pay $30 for it on e-bay, we decided to order his cake from Publix. It was adorable and tasted great. I followed suit and bought Batman decorations and treat bags instead of making everything myself. I love making things, but buying them pre-made is much easier when you are short on time and energy. Next year I hope to be so organized that I can enjoy making everything without stressing out and yelling at my husband:-)!

July 2009
Our latest Batman adventure involved a dry cloth, two office clips and a very excited Batman!

He loved the cape so much that he fell asleep with it on.

After his bath tonight I let him choose his pj's. He, of course, picked the Batman pajamas! As I type this he is tucked in the bed cuddled up in his favorite pj's. I noticed tonight that they are getting too small--I guess all phases will come to an end. I wonder what will be next.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven...

-Ecclesiastes 3:1

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