Sunday, July 19, 2009

Office Redo-Sneak Peek

I spent the entire day yesterday listing a bunch of stuff on Craig's List--hoping to get things cleaned out and organized (and maybe make a little $$ in the process)! I'm not sure if I was really motivated to get the stuff listed or if it was another tactic that I used to put off completing the office redo. If I don't finish soon my husband is seriously going to kill me. He told me (in a Brazilian accent), "Cooley, I want my office back!". I better get on it! What's his problem? At least he has a finished bathroom! I enjoy painting (strange, I know) and I think I have become pretty good at it. However, I am VERY slow--it drives Marcos crazy. He says I don't need to spend so much time on the details, again in a Brazilian accent! Anyway, I do have plans to finish the office just as soon as I finish listing all this stuff on Craig's List. In the meantime, I am going to walk you through the before pictures and give you a little taste of what is to come by showing the office bathroom afters. Here we go...

This is Marcos' attempt at decorating his office. He loves his office and I have to admit that this one is much better than the office we had at our last house. It seems like all the left over furniture gets put in the office--thankfully we needed more furniture in out last house than in this one so we were able to use some of the "good stuff" in the office this time. The desk is Pottery Barn--Marcos bought it from a client a few years ago for a great price. It needs to be cleaned up, but over all it is nice. My mom gave him the black office chair for Christmas. Don't even get me started on those curtains (Marcos loves them? But I have a great solution and I've already hidden the curtains so Marcos won't put them back up when I'm not home!)

My husband is a landscape designer and a very talented artist. His drawing desk serves its purpose, but the chair needs some help. The brown chair is also Pottery Barn and was purchased from the same client that Marcos bought the desk from. Marcos painted the canvas above his drawing table right after we got married and it is not my style (I like his drawings better than is paintings!), but there are some things you just don't mess with.

The large white buffet was in the formal living room at our old house and now serves a more useful purpose as book and office supply storage. The men on top are another thing that I know not to mess with. I will blame the clutter on the desk on my wonderful husband!

This black CD case is very useful and holds all of Marcos' CD cases--the CD's are all in CD holders? Men! The black chest was made by my grandfather and has been painted about a million times! The rug is also a transplant from our old house and needs a good cleaning.

This is the forgotten bathroom (as in it is upstairs and I often forget to clean it--scary!). I have plans to use Marcos' drawings to make this the "sexy" bathroom in the house.

The white shelf is from Max's nursery and the antique tools belonged to my grandfather--they will both stay.

This bathroom housed a mixture of items that we didn't have another place to put.

Now for the bathroom reveal...

The view from the office door:

Wall Paint: Valspar Satin color matched to Sherwin Williams Color--Steely Gray (I stole from Melissa)

Trim Paint: Behr High Gloss--Popped Corn

The details...

I hung the towel rods and toilet paper holder myself!

My grandfather's antique tools.

Personal touches:

Marcos' "sexy" drawings!

Built-in Shelves

I went with the "tool theme" and put all of our home repair books on the shelves.

I made the shower curtain out of a queen sheet set that I found on clearance at Target ($20 for the whole set!). The fuzzy rug came from TJ Maxx.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have any ideas about what may need to be changed/added please leave a comment! Now I have to finish my Craig's List listings so that I can complete that darn office!

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