Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Color Love

I never know whether to call it turquoise, teal or aqua. What I do know is that any shade of this color makes me dream about the possibilities in my own home.

When I saw this table on the cover of House Beautiful I was instantly smitten. Had I not feared divorce, I would have painted and distressed my boring (at least compared to this one) black dining room table to imitate this beauty.

The crisp white beamed ceiling paired with the rustic floor and the breezy paint color make me feel instantly calm.

I would kill for this lamp.

The combination of orange and teal is an interesting one and I plan to use it in Max's new "Map Room".
This is another lamp I would love to bring home and that quilt would be perfect for Max's new room.

Red is not my favorite color, however, there is something about this pairing with turquoise that feels warm and rustic. I'm looking for a place to use the unique color combo.

I can promise you that before the end of the year there will be a turquoise door (or two) in the Negreiros house.

What color inspires you?

Images courtesy of House Beautiful & Dream Kitchen

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