Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today's Progress

Marcos had to do some work out of town today and I wanted to surprise him with a completed shed. We have wanted a storage shed for quite a while and completing the room over the garage forced us to find a place to store all of the "stuff" that was stored up there. The shed has also enabled us to gain some much needed space in our garage. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to park my car in there one day. Marcos built the entire shed himself and it has been sitting there for over a month waiting to be painted. I don't have any progress shots, but here is what the shed looked like when I started painting yesterday.

I painted the door black and hung a red star that I stole from Max's cowboy room on the door--this led to a huge melt-down. Max hates change and there is no reasoning with him--I offered him a Popsicle and reminded him that we are going to redecorate his room. My little bribe didn't! He's not getting it back!

Marcos is not home yet, but I think he will be excited. Now he just needs to add the roof and the light and this will be one project that we can mark off the list.

This shed is going to solve more than one problem...

I love my husband and I am proud of his business, however, I do not love the mess that comes along with his chosen trade. There are pipes and back flow stuff and he also has an issue with collecting wood. For a year all of this has been up against the back of my house. Thanks to the shed it will be gone:-)

The space between the back of the shed and the fence will serve as storage for all of his crap, I mean stuff. I think he should put brick or pavers down to cut down on weeds and bugs.

He will also install trellis so that all of this stuff is finally out of view! I will be sure to keep you updated on his progress.

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