Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lily's Room

Okay, so let's forget about the last post since it has been over two months and many of the things on my list have yet to be completed--so much for keeping myself accountable! Some how those things no longer seem that important. I did manage to complete Lily's nursery. It is fun and pink and I love how it turned out!

This used to be Max's room, however, we didn't paint or do much to it since we knew that he would eventually be moving upstairs to make room for a new baby.

After moving Max's stuff upstairs we moved all of the baby stuff downstairs. I was determined to use what I had to complete the baby's room. This is what we started with.



When I found out I was having a girl I had no idea what I would do in the nursery. I originally intended to use this fabric as inspiration, but eventually decided against it. After searching Google images for far too long I decided on stripes for the nursery. My inspiration came from this, this and this. I originally wanted to paint the stripes on the ceiling and the walls white. Marcos reminded me that I was, in fact, 7 months pregnant and that it would not be reasonable for me to paint stripes on the ceiling. I also originally planned on painting the stripes in my favorite color, but then decided that nothing says "girl" like pink. I found a tutorial here and altered it a little to fit my room.

First, I had to paint the walls white.

I then spent several hours with tape and a level.

The actual process was not that difficult. The hardest part was the fear that I would tape and paint everything and it would end up not looking good. The best advice I can give when painting stripes is to take the tape off as soon as possible. This makes for a clean, crisp line.

After the painting was complete, I moved on to the glider. We've had it since Max was a baby and it was in need of a makeover. I don't have any progress shots, but I used this tutorial and it was much easier than I expected. It was my first experience with piping and it turned out great. I love gaining new skills--you can learn how to do anything on the Internet!

I also needed to refinish the armoire. I decided to paint it the same pink as the stripes and distress it a little bit. Again, I was determined to use what I had.

Here's the after shot of the armoire in the room. I still need to figure out what to do on the top.

And here is the nursery after:

See my recovered chair?

The white rug has led to a "no shoes in the baby's room rule". I picked it up at Target with a gift card--SCORE!

The chair turned out pretty good, right?

I decided to save money by skipping out on the $300 crib set I originally wanted. I purchased the sheet and bumper at Babies-R-Us for a total of $45. I picked up the pink blanket at TJ Maxx and it is the best blanket ever--super soft and fuzzy! I also decided not to have a bed skirt and to use the space under the bed for toy storage instead. The crib is the same one that we used with Max.

Lily's first baby doll. It was a gift from her big brother.

Piggy from my baby shower--it holds everyone's guesses on Lily's birthday and weight.

I also had to refinish the once red side table. I painted it using the same white as the walls and replaced the knobs.

I purchased the lamp at TJ Maxx--I love lamps!

Did I mention that we welcomed our "Little Lily" on May 14, 2010?

"L" is for Lily

I've had this "Prayer for a Little Girl" since I was little and now I am passing it on to Lily.

Toy Buckets: Target

My babies!

I still need to work on the storage and organization in the nursery. I want it to be simple and functional.

The reality is that this is what the nursery looked like 2 weeks ago before we had our floors refinished. Today everything from the nursery is crammed upstairs and in the bathroom and the room is covered in dust. Once I get some motivation I'm going to work on getting it back in working order. That could take awhile since all I want to do lately is be lazy and snuggle with my baby all day long...


  1. Very, very cute!
    I found your blog through a stich of life blog.
    Camille of

  2. Comments...where do I start??
    I LOVE this room! Straight out of a catalog. And don't get me started on the glider ;)
    Design Star here she comes!

  3. Thanks ladies! I enjoyed finally getting a chance to use some pink!

  4. Found your link on Just A Girl and I am so in love with this nursery. Especially the glider. Adorable!!

  5. I just clicked over from just a girl too. How absolutely darling!!! You did a fabulous job! I really love the striped walls and the glider.

  6. Lily's nursery is absolutely beautiful!! And you used what you had for the most part. Congrats!

  7. Thank you for your comment...I love the challenge of "using what you have"! My husband says it requires you to be creative.

  8. I happened to come over here to this post from another blog, and may I say: this is the prettiest little girl's room! You did a terrific job. Gorgeous. Love your chair too!


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