Saturday, January 28, 2012

Live What You Love

When I moved here fourteen years ago...

I fell in love. In love with the city, The College, the people, the open-mindedness and the BEACH!

Little did I know how this place would change me.

Because of this place my mind has been opened and my heart has been filled.

Here I became a friend, a teacher, a wife and a mother.

Here I suffered my greatest losses and celebrated my greatest blessings.

I’ve often heard that this is the type of place that you either love or hate—there’s no in between.
I happen to love it! It inspires me.

Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life I often lose touch with my passion for my home. Isn’t it ironic that the things that inspire us the most, our husbands, children, homes, and friends, are present in our everyday lives and we often fail to be inspired by the miracles that are right in front of us. This thing they call life is tricky.

Days like today, when I am struck by the beauty of my home and the laughter of my children,
make me want to do better.

To remember that these days won’t last forever.

To be more present in the moment.

To not take some things so seriously and to take other things more seriously.

To live what I love!



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