Saturday, February 4, 2012


I had hoped to have Lily AND Max’s rooms organized/tweaked by the end of January. That didn’t happen. There’s been a lot of laziness sickness in our house so far this year. I have managed to make a little progress in Lily’s room.

I'm still not totally happy with the shelves. Those bad boys are hard to get just right.

I plan to put the rocker in the attic when she gets a big girl bed. That will make the drawers on that side easier to get to. Right now the bottom two drawers are empty and the top drawer holds her shoes.

On this side the top drawer holds her tights, leggings and socks and the bottom two drawers are empty. Several of the baskets are also empty. I'm happy that she has room to grow.

I managed to take the pink armoire from this:

To this:

Eventually the pink armoire will be completely empty and I will sell/re-purpose it. For now I am using it to hold the things that I still need to organize and extra baskets and storage containers.

I plan to organize her keepsakes tomorrow using these:

I finally framed some of Lily's pictures.

Now I just need to figure out where and how to hang them. I have a serious fear of hanging things on the wall.

I think I'll order a few more Etsy prints to throw in the mix. I'm just not sure if I want to hang them over the armoire...

or over her crib. The rings are looking a little sad. I had to take down the bottom two down because she could reach them and kept destroying them every time she took a nap. I think that the pictures would look better over the crib, but I'm afraid that they will pose a safety issue.

We will see...


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